Happy SysAdmin Day!

Yet again, we celebrate a day that no one else even knows about.  No, it’s not National Hot Dog Day or National Donut Day… it’s SYSADMIN Day!  A day where we go nuts and treat yourself to a NUC so you can build that home lab you’ve always wanted!

Well, at least we can appreciate each other.  Thank you to the support team for only escalating only the necessary tickets and being my first line of defence!  Thank you to the Network admin (are they included in this day?) for taking the time to troubleshoot why our video conference quality was not up to par and giving me a couple IP addresses for some new servers.  Thank you Sr. Engineer for taking on that annoying issue that no one else wanted to look at because no one else wanted to own it.  You guys are my heroes.

Here is a comic that I read from time to time that pretty much sums up our Paradox.  Enjoy!