Wipe USB Drives and Fix Partitions

Clean the Drive

  • Launch command prompt in admin mode
    1. Click on the “start” button and type “cmd” without the quotes
    2. when “Command Prompt” appears, right-click it and select “Run as administrator
  • In the command prompt, type “Diskpart” without the quotes and hit enter
  • The prompt will change to “DISKPART>”
  • Type “list disk” and hit enter
  • Be sure to note the correct drive. Sometimes it will display GB, TB or MB, so make sure you choose the correct one in order to avoid wiping out the wrong device!
  • When you are sure you have the correct drive, type “select disk #”, where “#” is the number of the drive and hit enter. ex:
  • It should tell you that the drive you intend to wipe has been selected
  • When you verify that this is the correct drive, type “clean” and hit enter
  • You should see (could take a min) “DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.”
  • Once this is completed, you can close the command prompt

Partition and Format the Drive

  • right-click the Start button and select “Disk Management”
  • In the lower section, find the drive you just “cleaned.” You should be able to locate it by finding the dick that has an “Unallocated” volume
  • Right-click on the part that says “Unallocated” and select “New Simple Volume”
  • Now right click on the new volume and select “Format…”
  • You can optionally type a “Volume label,” choose your “File system” and select the “Allocation unit size.” Also choose whether you would like a quick or full format. Depending on size, this can make a big difference in the time it takes
  • Click “OK” and you will get a warning similar to this. Click “OK” again
  • When completed, the drive should say “Healthy”
  • You can now start to use the drive