Failed – Object type requires hosted I/O

I’m a little new to Homeassistant, however, after running it on a raspberry pi 3B+ for about a month, I realized I needed a little more power. I have a little NUC with ESXi running, so I thought I could put it there. I followed an article on to get it set up and all seemed good.

I guess the one flaw I have with this set up is that it’s connected to a power strip that sits under my son’s desk. Not often, but sometimes, i will notice things are not working quite right… takes me a little while, but sooner or later I find out he has kicked the power switch and my mic, audio, 3CX phone and Homeassistant are not working.

In this particular instance, Homeassistant did not boot and I recived the error in the title. This is the process I used to bring it back up.

Turn on SSH to the ESXi Host

  • SSH into the ESX-host that’s hosting the VM.
  • Browse to the VM-folder containing the disk files
  • Run the following command:
    • vmkfstools -x check “disk.vmdk”
  • You should see the output: “Disk needs repair.”
  • If you see this message, run the following command:
    • vmkfstools -x repair “disk.vmdk”
    • This takes seconds to complete and you should see the output: “Disk was successfully repaired.”
  • Start VM from vCenter
  • Turn off SSH to the host

Hope this helps!